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New Beginnings and Old Friends

So, this is my first Blog post - new to all this and yes, I know I am way behind with the pace of the internet and technology but I am enjoying the ride. Smash Art Studio has been a part of my life for over 20 years now and I have had so many good times as it main artist and designer but it was time to expand, to reinvent and to march forward. I have now started Glass Aura Studios, with the mail focus being all things glass - I absolutely love glass.

The reason for the new "studio" was to give my glass work the attention and presentation that beautiful glass deserves. Smash Art Studio has mainly focused on my geek side: comic books, superheroes, heroines, etc. and it will continue to provide a release for that nerdy creativity. You can find all those nerdy creations in the Smash Art Studio Etsy store

For years, Smash Art Studio has sold online and at local craft shows. It has been such an amazing experience, meeting new people, selling my creations and seeing how customers return each show to see my new things and possible purchase another creation.

Glass Aura Studios will focus on the glass.... the beautiful way it catches the light and creates auras of color and amazing beauty. I hope that my work will do the glass justice and give it the presentation it deserves ( I really love glass). You can find my stained glass work in my new Etsy store,

So as time marches on, I hope to be able to create a place where anyone can "stop by" and get that unique item or gift that they just can't find anywhere else or that speaks to their heart or nerdy self.

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